Anaesthetic Dream by Estelle Asmodelle
Anaesthetic Dream by Estelle Asmodelle

The story of Australia’s first legal transgender and is an autobiography by Estelle Asmodelle. Its a story about changing sex. A personal story about the life and struggle of Estelle. It is an interesting exploration of the social issues transgender people experience.

On the 13th October 1987, Estelle became the first legal transgender in Australia. She was the first post-op transsexual, or transgender person, to be issued with a birth certificate in the gender of the new sex. Shortly afterwards, she received a passport in the female gender.

A few years later Estelle attempted marriage, as a female. However, this action was blocked by the Australian government.

Many people may remember the numerous TV, newspapers and magazine articles in the late 80s and early 90s about Estelle. The publicity focused around her becoming Australia’s Transsexual Pin-up Girl.

But it was a struggle, and every aspect of that journey is documented in this sensitive and personal story. Many of the incidents mentioned in the book are intimate and revealing, but it is a tasteful account of a unique life. This book is Seeking a publisher.

Seeking a Publisher

Estelle is seeking a publisher. Basically, this is not a book that should be self-published, it really needs a worldwide distribution with a publisher who is prepared to give the book its due. If you are a publisher and you are interested in reading the book for consideration – please get in touch via the contact page. 

Various publishers have already read the work and consider it to be worthy of publishing and many consider the book to be an excellent one that is well written and emotionally engaging.  However, these publishers want to reduce the size of the work which stands 700 pages. Estelle wants to keep the current length and so she is seeking a publisher who shares her vision. The book is the result of years of writing and rewriting, the style and composition of the book is unique and inspiring.